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Disclaimers are necessary to comply with various regulations.  Create one now using our Disclaimer Generator.

Why your website needs a disclaimer

Whether you have an online business or blog, a disclaimer is important to have on your website for a variety of reasons, including:
google adsense privacy policy

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a great way to monetize your website. To participate, you’re required to have a privacy policy or disclaimer in place on your website. You can write a disclaimer for Adsense that’ll comply with the requirements.
google adwords privacy policy

Google Ads

If you are using Google AdWords to run ads to your website, you should have a disclaimer in place so users are aware of key things, such as any affiliate relationships you have. You can create a disclaimer with our generator for Google Ads or Adwords.
apple store privacy policy

Apple App Store

While not explicitly required by the Apple App Store, a disclaimer is a great way to protect yourself and your app. With the app store disclaimer generator, you can protect yourself from potential legal disputes.
google play privacy policy

Google Play Store

To have an app in the Google Play store, you’re required to follow certain guidelines. While a disclaimer is not explicitly required by those guidelines, using the disclaimer generator for the Google Play store can help you create a disclaimer to limit your legal liability.
google analytics privacy policy

Google Analytics

To use Google Analytics, Google’s Terms of Service require you to disclose certain things in your privacy policy. In addition, you should generate a disclaimer for Google Analytics to generally protect your website from legal claims.

Facebook Groups

If you have a Facebook Group, you are required to have a privacy policy in place if you’re collecting any personal data. In addition, you’ll want to make a disclaimer for Facebook that you can link from your Facebook group to disclaim responsibility for content on third party websites.


The General Data Protection Regulation requires that you have a privacy policy in place. However, it’s also important to also generate a GDPR disclaimer as part of your overall approach to legally protect your business.



The California Consumer Privacy Act requires your privacy policy to include certain information. As part of protecting your website, you should also use the CCPA disclaimer generator, to include necessary disclosures on your website.


The California Online Privacy Protection Act was created to protect California residents. To protect yourself and your website, you can write a disclaimer for CalOPPA that includes things like a general disclaimer, third party links disclaimer and copyright disclaimer.
privacy policy laws


No matter where you’re located, a disclaimer is an important page to have on your website or app that is often overlooked. One of the key things a disclaimer can accomplish is protecting you from disputes claiming that some harm resulted from reliance on information contained on your website. A comprehensive disclaimer will generally limit your liability in these circumstances.

Disclaimer Template

A basic website disclaimer template should begin with a general disclaimer, where you outline that the information on the website is provided “as is”. Another section you want in a disclaimer is a fair use section, to limit the chances of a third party claiming that you infringed upon their copyright. In the fair use disclaimer, you should mention that in instances where you use copyrighted material on your website, you’ve taken a sample of the copyrighted material with a belief that such use constitutes fair use.

FAQs about Disclaimers

Most frequent questions and answers

A disclaimer should be placed in a location on your website that is easily accessible to the user, regardless of what page the user is on.  In most cases, the easiest way to accomplish this is by placing a hyperlink to the disclaimer in the footer of your website.

You need a disclaimer for a variety of reasons.  Perhaps most importantly, a comprehensive disclaimer can limit liability for yourself and your business.  A disclaimer is also necessary to comply with certain FTC regulations.

You are always better off having a disclaimer in place, as it can protect you from legal disputes, claims and lawsuits.  For instance, a user may try to claim that they were harmed as a direct result of relying on information on your website; however, having a proper disclaimer in place can limit your liability.

You can generate a free disclaimer using our Disclaimer Generator.  However, to include all of the premium protections, we recommend learning about the Legal Bundle, which contains a Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer.

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