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A Privacy Policy is required by law.

Whether you have an online business, e-commerce store, blog, or app, there are certain legal requirements and regulations surrounding data privacy that you must comply with.

Use our Privacy Policy text generator to create a compliant privacy policy now.

How It Works

A generic privacy policy simply will not cover all of the privacy data regulations put in place by various governments. That’s why we created our privacy policy generator, where you can get a customized privacy policy that is tailored to your exact website or app needs.

By answering some questions about your website, our state-of-the-art software will automatically generate privacy policy content for your website that you can directly copy and paste onto your website. Similarly, if you have an app, the privacy policy generator will allow you to comply with various app store regulations.



The General Data Protection Regulation is a very stringent privacy regulation requiring you to have a privacy policy. You can generate a GDPR privacy policy using our generator.


The California Consumer Privacy Act requires that your privacy policy provides certain information to users. To comply, use our CCPA privacy notice generator.


The California Online Privacy Protection Act is designed to protect California residents and requires that you have a privacy policy. To comply, you can write a privacy policy for CalOPPA using our generator.
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Hundreds of Privacy Policy laws and regulations exist throughout the world. Regardless of where you’re located, it’s critical to have a privacy policy in place to protect yourself and so users can understand how their data is being collected and used.

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Privacy Policy Generator

Comply with requirements from:

google adsense privacy policy

Google Adsense

Google Adsense can be a great way to monetize your website. One of the requirements to participate is that you must have a privacy policy in place. You can write a privacy policy for Adsense that’ll comply with the requirements.
google adwords privacy policy

Google Adwords

When using Google Adwords to run ads to your website, you are required by Google to have a privacy policy that follows their guidelines. Without it, you cannot run Google Ads. You can create a privacy policy with our generator for Google Ads or Adwords.
apple store privacy policy

Apple App Store

The Apple App Store requires that you have a legally compliant privacy policy before putting your app on their platform. With the app store privacy policy generator, you can create a customized privacy policy to comply with Apple’s requirements.
google analytics privacy policy

Google Analytics

If you are using Google Analytics, you are required by Google to have a privacy policy in place indicating your use of Google Analytics. You are also required to include certain other specific language within your privacy policy.
google play privacy policy

Google Play Store

If you have an app in the Google Play Store and are collecting data, you are required by Google to have a compliant privacy policy in place. You can create a comprehensive and compliant one using the privacy policy generator for Google Play Store.

Facebook Groups

If you have a Facebook Group, Facebook requires you to have a privacy policy in place if you collect any personal data. To comply with their rules, you can make a privacy policy for Facebook using our generator.

Privacy Policy Template

Our Privacy Policy Generator allows you to customize a privacy policy based on your specific needs. You can view our site privacy policy sample here, and then create your own customized privacy policy using our generator.

For blogs, for example, you can enter information such as the email marketing provider you’re using so that a privacy policy can be automatically generated with the correct information.
To create a corporate policy, you can enter the name of your legal entity and generate a privacy policy customized to your business needs.

Generally speaking, all privacy content for websites should include key information such as how you collect, manage, use and store personal data. Privacy policies should also comply with various laws and regulations, such as GDPR, CCPA and CalOPPA. Any data privacy agreement template you choose to use should also include information about how personal information is being protected and what rights users have over their personal information. Use our Privacy Policy Generator to create a comprehensive, lawyer-crafted Privacy Policy for your:

FAQs about Privacy Policies

Most frequent questions and answers
If your website or mobile app uses Google analytics, you are required by Google’s Terms of Service to have a compliant privacy policy in place. In addition, if you are using Google Ads, you are also required to include certain specified information in your required privacy policy. You can use our Legal Bundle to comply with Google’s requirements.

If you are collecting personal information of users, either directly (such as through collecting names or email addresses) or indirectly (such as through using analytics service providers like Google analytics), you must have a privacy policy.

There are various laws and regulations, including GDPR, CCPA and CalOPPA that legally require you to have a privacy policy in place. This applies whether you have a blog, website, e-commerce store, shopify store or app. Essentially, if you are collecting personal information, a privacy policy is required by law.

There are multitudes of different requirements for creating a privacy policy. While it’s tempting to do a “do it yourself” approach of trying to write your own privacy policy, there are risks involved. For example, you could miss certain legal requirements and be found in violation of privacy laws. The easiest approach to save yourself the time, hassle and stress of trying to write your own privacy policy is to use our Privacy Policy Generator, which will automatically create a customized privacy policy for you based on your responses to questions. It has been carefully created and crafted by top lawyers. If you need other legal policies for your website, you can purchase the Legal Bundle, which includes a Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer.

If you want a top lawyer to draft a privacy policy for you, it can cost more than $5,000. Alternatively, there are free options online that come with risks--because you do not know who drafted them or if they are legally compliant.

With the Legal Bundle, you’ll get all of the legal policies you need for your website (Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer), drafted by top international lawyers, and customized for you using our state-of-the-art software.

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